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  • 1952-1997

    Strathmore Union cricketers and supporters were shocked to hear of the tragic death of 44 year-old Graeme Sturrock on Jaunuary 3rd in a traffic accident travelling to watch Motherwell FC whom he followed from an early age.

    Born and raised in Meigle, Graeme began work at the local blacksmith and it was almost inevitable that he soon became an enthusiastic member of Meigle Cricket Club.

    Graeme played a prominent part in Meigle's successful 1980 side which won the Strathmore Union, Three Counties Cup and Scottish Area Village Championship. He then went on to captain the side which won the Three Counties Cup in 1984.

    Latterly, Graeme helped out playing whenever required for Meigle XI - always keen to pass on his experience to the younger members of the team.

    Graeme is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, and daughters Elaine and Arlene 

  • Awards

    Meigle Second XI: Player of the Year - Peter M Drummond Trophy - 1994

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