Meigle Cricket Club News story

Membership Fees

05 Apr 2021

Good Evening

As we look forward to a new season which we hope will start as scheduled in accordance with the route planned by Cricket Scotland. This will look for league cricket to start 22 May 2021, with local friendlies in May. This will all depend on restrictions being lifted to allow the games to go ahead. 

There may still be restrictions on the use of changing rooms, teas, numbers allowed, spectators, etc., but this will all be notified to you when the club has any more information. 

It is also time for memberships to be paid. These should be paid before 7 May 2021 before the games start to ensure the club is in the best possible position to enable selections so we know who is available. If you are having problems please contact me at to discuss. 

The membership fees for this year are:

Seniors £75.00

Youths £30.00, or £3.00 per session

Non playing members £20.00

The best way to pay is by bank transfer as there are no transaction charges to Meigle Cricket Club, sort code 831535, account number 00211244, inputting your name as a reference, however you can also use the PayPal donation button on the website. We also have card readers now and when we can meet up you can make payment by card in person. 

Yours hopeful of a good summer of cricket. 

Denis Christie